We run on donations to maintain the ashram and projects.

Shankar Prasad Foundation is Public Charitable Trust (Regd No. I-V/201/2010’11) and has  Income Tax Registration Certificate No.DIT (E) BLR/12/A A/S-2295/ AAJTS9640R/ITO(E)-3/Vol 2011-2012
Dated 25/10/2011

We would be very happy to accept donations for the above mentioned good works.

Due to the Covid-19 global crisis and the lockdown in India, Shankar Prasad has had to close temporarily and go into isolation. The ashram normally runs on donations from guests and volunteers staying here and income from courses offered, which help maintain this heritage home and run different community projects. We are therefore asking in the spirit of goodwill for any donations to help on a number of different projects:

♥ Installation of a fibre optic cable so that Swami Yogaratna can run free mantra chanting sessions and paid meditation courses online

♥ Continue to support the 10 members of staff and their families who are dependent on their ashram incomes

♥ Educational and medical sponsorships for locals

♥ Distributing masks to those in need and other help during Covid-19

♥ Support of a Sadhu

♥ Animal welfare

♥ Upkeep of the heritage building and experimental organic farm

♥ Waste management projects

♥ Women’s cooperative and empowerment programs (after lockdown)

♥ Camps for children and groups (after lockdown)

One of the aims of Shankar Prasad Foundation is ‘Simple Living and High Thinking’; following the Gandhian principle: 'the world has enough for everyone’s needs, but not everyone’s greed'. We try to live simply by being comfortable with less.

We really appreciate your help and goodwill in these difficult times. It has been such a joy to share the ashram chanting sessions and atmosphere with our friends and family across the world, and we will be continuing these sessions as a regular spiritual activity.

If you feel like you would like to make a donation of your time and would like to make a difference, we also welcome volunteers who are hardworking, experienced and dedicated.

Thank you.

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Cheques may be made out to:
 ‘Shankar Prasad Foundation’
IFSC  SBIN0008291
MICR 581002008
Current  Account number : 31648835456

When making any donation please email the following details to [email protected]:

1. Your name, residential address
2. Purpose of your donation
3. Amount and currency
4. Date of transfer

This is to ensure that your donation is used for the purpose you intended.

We will soon have tax exemption under 80 G. Please inquire.

As part of the aims of Shankar Prasad Foundation of ‘Simple living and High Thinking’ We aim to follow the Gandhian principles: The Earth has plenty to satisfy everyone’s need but not everyone’s greed. We try to live simply by being comfortable with less.