Gokarna and Surrounding

Shankar Prasad Foundation is located in the village of Bankikodla, which is only five kilometres from the ancient temple town of Gokarna. There are scores of temples to explore, gorgeous beaches to laze on, markets to prowl, and weekly festivities to enjoy in Gokarna. Below, please find a list of the temples in and around Gokarna.
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Gokarna Temples

**Maha Ganapathi Temple (Opp Mahableshwar, must see first)

** Mahabaleshwara Temple (main Gokarna temple-foreigners can go around)

* Parvati Gowri Temple (inside Mahabaleshwara- at the back, can sit inside)

* Smashan Kali Temple (back side of Mahabaleshwara)

* Manibadra and Maneshwara Temple (half way to Ram Thirth)

** Rama Thirtha Mandira (cliff end of Gokarna beach - Ram Sita and Laxman stayed there - holy water spring - great vibrations - for sunset meditation can walk up stairs to top of cliff)

* Ganesh Temple (car street opp bus stand street)

* Naga Devathe Temple – Nagarabeedhi (from Kotithirth, left turn then left turn)

** Venkataramana Temple – top end of car street

** Koti Thirtha – (very beautiful - must see + Ganapathi Temple)

* Parasurama Temple – Gangigadde, behind bus stand

** Bhadrakali Temple – Melinakeri, near Check Post & Sante (weekly market)

* Maruthi Temple (Hanuman) –Melinakeri under huge tree in middle of road, near Check Post & Sante (weekly market)

* Aswath Narayana Ganapathi Temple (Tadri)

* Uma Maheshwari Temple (Kudle Beach Rd)

* Kedaki Vinayaka Temple (Taramakki) Bijur Rd

* Pandarinath Temple (Achari Katte) Opposite Jagu Garage

*Kashi Vishwanath Temple (Nelaguni) from Playground of Sri Ragherveshwarschool

* Durgamba Temple (Bijjuru)

* Rudrapada Temple (Rudrapada)

* Ganga Devi Temple (Gangavali)

* Ganapathi Temple (Nadu Maskeri)

* Durgamba Temple (Hanehalli)

** Ammanavara Temple (BankiKodla near Shankar Prasad Foundation, )

* Siddeswara Temple (Siddeswara)

* Kengala Parameswari Temple (Devara Bavi-rock pool)

* Mahasiddi Vinayaka Temple (Near to Gokarna Railway station)

* Someswara Temple (Taramakki Road, 2 white & gold elephants outside)

** Alladi Mosque – (opposite Shankar Prasad Foundation)

* Church on hill- Hannehalli – Gattige

* Masti Temple (below Church)